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Engineering & Equipment Sales to Processors of Dry Bulk Particulates

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Products & Systems Available Include

Aeration Devices/Systems    Agitator Mixers     Airlocks    Airslides   Auger Feeders    Axial Fans   Backward Inclined Fans   Bag Dump Stations    Bag Packaging Systems     Baghouses     Batch Weigh Systems    Belt Conveyors    Belt Feeders   Bin Vents    Bins    Blenders (ribbon, paddle, plow, pin)      Blowers     Box Packing Systems    Box Tilt Tables   Broken Bag Detectors    Bucket Elevators    Bulk Bag Loaders     Bulk Bag Unloaders    Capacitance Level Switches     Cartridge Collectors    Central Vacuum Systems     Centrifugal Blowers/Exhausters    Clamshell Gates    Coal & Burner Isolation Valves    Conveying Systems    Crushers    Cyclones     Densification Systems     Dense Phase Conveying Systems     Dilute Phase Conveying Systems    Dewatering Screws    Dewatering Valves    Distributors    Diverter Valves    Drag Conveyors     Drum Dumpers   Drum Packout Lines    Dual Agitator Mixers     Ductwork   Dust Collection Systems   Dust Collectors    Eductors    Elbows    Elevator Legs      Exhausters      Extruder Feed Systems     Fan Conveying Systems     Fans    Feeders    Filters   Filter Bags   Filter Cages   Filter Cartridges   Filter/Receivers    Flex Boots   Flex Hose   Flexwall Conveyors    Fluidized Conveyors     Flow Detectors    Flow Monitors     Fluidized Bed Mixers    Gain-In-Weight Batching Systems     Gate Valves    Heat Transfer Screws     High Temperature Screws      IBC Systems   Inclined Screw Conveyors    Intake Filters   Ingredient Systems     Isolation Gates    Knife Gates    Level Indicators    Live Bins    Live Bottom Feeders    Loading Spouts    Loss-In-Weight Feeders    Magnets   Metal Flex Hose   Microwave Flow Detector    Mixers    Multi-Screw Feeders    Net Weighing Systems    Packaging Systems (drum, box, bag)    Mass Flow Feeders      Paddle Blenders    PD Blower Packages    Piping   Plow Blenders    Pneumatic Receivers    Pneumatic Conveying Systems    Point Level Switches    Pressure Blower Packages    Proximity Switches    Pug Mills      Pulse Jet Collectors    Pulverizers     Radial Blade Fans   Railcar Unload Systems    Ribbon Blenders    Rolling Blade Gates    Rotary Paddle Switches     Rotary Feeders    Rotary Scalpers     Rotary Valves    Samplers    Scale Hoppers   Screw Conveyors      Screw Feeders    Shaftless Screw Conveyors    Silencers   Silos    Silo Inventory Systems   Silo Loadcells   Silo Unloaders   Slide Gate Valves    Slurry Generators    Solids Flow Detection    Solids Flow Monitors     Spherical Valves   Storage Tanks    Super Sack Loaders   Super Sack Unloaders   Surge Hoppers    Tanks    Telescoping Chutes    Tilt Tables   Tilt Switches    Troughing Conveyors    Truck, Train & Ship Loading Systems   Tubular Cable/Chain Drag Conveyors   Tubing, Couplings, Elbows    Vacuum Blower Packages    Vacuum Conveying Systems   Vacuum Cleaning Systems   Vacuum Hose & Tools    Vacuum Loaders     Vacuum Sequencing Systems    Vertical Screw Conveyors    Vibrators     Vibratory Conveyors    Vibratory Feeders     Vibratory Screeners    Vibratory Tables     Wear Resistant Airlocks   Wear Resistant Elbows   Weigh Belts   Weighing Systems    Wetting Systems

Contact Us:

If you would like to receive information on one of the products we offer or to see how we can help you with a current project or problem, please contact us.  We welcome the opportunity to earn your business.

Bulk Materials Engineering, Inc.
PO Box 528
Roanoke, VA 24003-0528
Tel:       540-343-2407
Fax:      540-343-2409
E-mail:  sales@bmesales.com

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